Zoey shrine

her pretty rat

her dragon holding me

"bwah" - mouse on paint, 2022

us in a pool...
Zoey is my very special somepony, she's the one I adore, cherish and love, she gives me the strength to get through the worst of my days and overwhelms me with the most beautiful emotions
on my better ones, truth is, she is
the bestest thing that has happened
to me.

Zoey does many things, some of her special interests are:
  • Caving
  • Rollercoasters
  • Tamagotchi
  • Synthesizers
  • Rain World
  • My Little Pony
what a nerd ! :3c

something pretty we do, besides watching and playing pony related media, is keeping a list full of little things we'd like to do together, we still haven't seen each other in person but I know soon we'll be, here's some of the things we are hoping to do once we are together.
  • kiss
  • hug
  • cuddle
  • bite each other
  • cry together
  • eat estrogen from each other's mouth
  • do weed

made with all the love in the world 2022