sad (´ཀ`」 ∠)_ sad
welcome puke creaturez, welcome this is puke puke vomit i vomit here owpwpawwkaodjasd nothing will make sense
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Eating skittles and jerkin my mind staring at the self harm webzzzite thinking about offing myself sooner or later things will change things will go away things will go away, puke vomit puke puke this shows how bad things can get bleed bleed soon I will bleed once I regain my time once I regain my freedom things will stop things will get better once I grab the blade and cut my skin and pierce my skin and numb my mind with a cold shot to the head suddenly things will go quiet and I will calmly crawl all across my brains experiencing every thought like the first time.
new day new entry new blood new pets pets pet vomit text vomit vomit text screams into a void the void online website completely messed up no more my vision is blurry from staring at this screen for too long or too little whichever option you prefer everything is going down in history as a mess mess messy this is all wrong this is puke this is hell not heaven my death is so close and i feel it so close its hurting me physically death is hurting me physically im telling you, its close to me and not far from here but really close nearby death now its a different topic i think my family here and no phone i cant use my phone after a certain time psychiatrist orders of course sure ill watch it with you i love you but hey stop it stop making sense this is meant to be puke not coherent speech here no its not allowed i'm telling you sorry for puking now we're watching adventure time ! ! !
we are all gonna die and the universe will as well but we dont know what the universe thinks i think its been dead since day one the ever expanding mass of the universe no matter no nothing we will die as well we will and have been dead forever we will just return to the ground time is meaningless time does not correspond to anything im scared i will run out of time but when i die and if i die i wont have to care anymore my body will turn into composted materials and trees will grow out of my skull, my fertile skull.
by naomi, the grossest kid on the dumpster 2021-2022