whiny poetry

sad 。゜゜(´O`) ゜゜。 sad
welcome, hyperlink travellerz... you may stay in here for as long as you like, for there is a great submarine cable wiring us all together tonight
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something ill, kid that makes me feel dead
couldn't be happier about it
a deadly feeling warms my cold body
I want him to hurt me, my cold death
I want him burnt into me
scars going mad each passing day
one, two, three and more deep cuts inside
I will know for sure in a few days

if      my life is
or not            in danger

it may seem too far-fetched
but it doesn't sound too bad

once you      consider
the state of          my condition

politics aside, yesterday I slept quite well
...yet after dusk

she is but a cold pillow
       a crucial part of my healing
a cleverly embodied soul
Ignoring all scratches
             scars and
             open wounds
and          the 5 years prior to this conversation
it becomes evident I am
                   living my best life
for I can't afford another
( ´ ▿ ` )
To feel desired
I began experimenting

with nudity

opening all my windows
for them to come in
letting life

feed off me
by naomi, the koolest kid on the block 2021-2022